A Reputable Rake-Diane Gaston

This author is becoming a fav of mine. Her historicals are unique and well written and A Reputable Rake is no exception.

Cyprian Sloane (a returning character from previous books) is a rake who is trying to clean up his act. He finds himself the new neighbor of Morgana Hart. Ms Hart is the cousin of his “maybe” intended who is trying to save her maid and eventually a group of other girls from becoming prostitutes. Since everyone thinks the worst of Cyprian he fears her antics are going to be blamed on him. He tries to stop her before she is ruined and is blamed for it.

I am not a fan of of Harlequin’s since the smaller format tends to leave me feeling like I missed something, but I will pick up any written by Gaston. I also wonder if I should hold onto them in case she breaks into larger books. Once she does, I think there is going to be a demand for her backlist. Ever try finding the backlist of some of authors whose books are now popular like Brockmann, they cost a small fortune.

Grade: A

Cover: I loooovve this cover. The guy on the front is really hot. The clothes are probably historically accurate but just image this guy in a worn pair if jeans and a tee shirt…. Wow…

3 thoughts on “A Reputable Rake-Diane Gaston”

  1. Hi, Angie,
    I have a google alert on my book title and your review popped up. Thank you so much for your kind words about A Reputable Rake! I have to admit Sloane is one of my favorite heroes!
    You might be interested to know that I write Regency Historicals for Warner Forever under the name Diane Perkins. Both The Improper Wife (Nov 2004) and The Marriage Bargain (Oct 2005) are still available. The books are very similar in tone to my Harlequin Historicals, but are longer.
    The next book I’ll have out is a Harlequin Regency Christmas Novella titled A Twelfth Night Tale, in the anthology Mistletoe Kisses.
    The cover model on A Reputable Rake is Ben Whitaker, but that is all I know about him! I agree he is dishy! The cover artist is Alan Ayers.
    Thanks again for blogging on my Rake!

  2. Diane, thanks for stopping by, I am placing A Twelfth Night Tale and The Inproper Wife on my wish list. I already have a copy of The Marriage Bargain on my to be read pile and look forward to it.

  3. I know the model on the cover I went school with him from middle school to high school in Calvert county Maryland. he was cute then but handsome now. His pictures can be found on GillaRoos.com. She is/was his agent. Girl i’ve seen him in a t-shirt and jeans, just check him out. “Ben Whitaker”!!!!!!!

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