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Caution: I wanted to stick my neck out here and review something a little different. If you are under 18 or do not want to read about adult videos, stop here.


A few years ago my husband picked up one of my romance books read a few pages, looked my straight in the eye with this funny look on his face and said this is chick porn…. We then got into the debate of whether it was porn or not.

I don’t have to explain that men and women are wired differently. Just take a trip to your local adult video rental place and see the shelves and shelves of adult videos. 99.9% of them are geared towards a mans taste. Series upon series of videos with quick sex, – slam, bam, thank you ma’am. For the most part they seem to be missing the elements that are turn on for women. We like romance, attention and actual foreplay. They say that women like to read and fantasize about romantic sex and men like to watch. I am not sure that is totally true. I don’t think women like to watch your typical adult video featuring the goofy looking hairy assed guy and the silcone enhanced, anorexic used looking women who detachedly pound away at each other and grunt in the requisite places. I think the reason that it seems that women like romance books better is because in them women are usually made to feel desirable with the proper attention paid to their needs and emotions. You don’t find many adult videos with foreplay let alone focusing on women. But recently a friend brought an adult video to my attention that is truly hot and clearly geared for women.


Snapshot by Inpulse Pictures is an adult video that was released in March of 2006. It features three really hot scenes with really hot guys (not a hairy, pimple butt in sight). Ok there is no plot other than men posing for a womens magazine who seduce the women around them, but there is sexy foreplay, kissing, and some really hot sex.

Scene one has hunk #1 getting his photo taken. He proceeds to attract the attention of a stage hand whom he proceeds to seduce. Very, very hot.

Scene two has hunk #2 and hunk #3 seducing another stage hand. Again very sexy. If you like male/female/male this is it…

Scene three has hunk #4 finally seducing the photographer and wow…..

The men are hot, the girls do not seem to be surgically enhanced and most of the camera action is focused on the hot guys. One minor annoyance is that the facial expressions of hunk #4 were a bit over the top, but his body was hot so we can forgive him.

If more films are made this way, you may see a major increase in women claiming to enjoy “watching”.

2 thoughts on “Snapshot-Inpulse Pictures”

  1. Wow, had to do some registering to set up for comments ;)

    I have found porn to be thrilling for all of about 5 minutes because it’s taboo or whatever but I don’t find any of the people attractive. Like you say, silicon boobs and a guy I wouldn’t have sex with for any amount of money!

    Snapshot sounds interesting though if it is geared more towards women. When you made the comment about 99.9% for men I was going to ask you if you knew where the .1% was ;)

    I don’t know about others but I think I get more of a thrill watching an ongoing TV series where you *think* people are going to eventually get sexual. The funny thing is that once they do, the show is basically over because the audience’s need to see the relationship ruined the sexual tension that made the show exciting. Hmmmm, am I making sense.


  2. CindyS

    I cannot give any concrete examples of the .1% but I assume they have to be out there. Like you, after about 5 minutes of any of the porn movies we have watched in the past (haven’t been that many) I either think yeck or make fun of the whole thing.

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