The Wagering Widow-Diane Gaston

Somewhere, I read that Diane Gaston was a regency author who wrote a different type of regency story. I had been getting burned out on the virginal spunky girl meets the mistunderstood bad guy. The first book I read was The Mysterious M. and I found it wonderful. I quickly ordered more books from Gaston and this is the second one. It is also a carryover from the first as Emily is the sister of the character in the Mysterious M.

Lord Guy Keating convinces plain Emily Duprey to elope with him after hearing her father brag about her heiress status. He quickly finds out there is no money and he is upset with the way he has messed things up. His only way out is to gamble. Emily is shocked to find out about her fathers rumors and is shaken when she finds out he only married for her money and he too is a gambler like her father. She decides to flee the marriage, but has to earn enough money to live on so she disquises herself as “The Lady Widow” and proceeds to gamble herself. Of course they run into each other at a seedy establishment, but neither lets on who recognizes who. The fun begins.

Not to be missed is a really hot “strip poker” card game where they both win big time…..

I have never really purchased the Harlequin Historical books but this one is truly worth it.

It is an A rating and not your ordinary Historical.

3 thoughts on “The Wagering Widow-Diane Gaston”

  1. I’ll try this again – I got an error page but I don’t know much about wordpress other than I should probably move my blog to it.

    I have this in my TBR pile so I only read your last line so that I didn’t run into any spoilers. It looks like this she be one of my first reads after I move!


  2. I am just finishing up another by Gaston, and it is another great one. Haven’t had time to complete it but will review it when done. It is “A Reputable Rake.”

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