Shamara-Catherine Spangler

Third in a series, Shamara is Jarek san Ranul (Nessa’s brother) and Eirene Kane’s story. Having met Jarek in both of the previous books, Shielder and Shadower I was looking forward to learning more about him.

As much as I enjoyed Shielder and Shadower, I cannot say this I liked this one as much. The sad thing is I just don’t know why. Both characters were strong and likeable, but it just didn’t click with me. I still would give it a solid B rating.

I unfortunately do not have the fouth in the series but do have the fifth. I am torn on whether I should read the fifth or put it back on my to be read pile. It seems very interesting and as I am coming to really like Catherine Spangler, I really don’t like reading books of out order. I hate the feeling that I am missing something.

So anywho, this book is still worth reading and I have decided I want my own lanrax. My husband is not an animal person and I would have fun with that. As usual the secondary characters added a richness to the story. I found myself wanting to sneak through the book and reading more about Lani and her relationship…

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