Shadower-Catherine Spangler

Second in a series, but actually the first in the timeline, Shadower is a story that I really like.

Having just finished Shielder, I immediately picked this up off of Mount To Be Read. For some reason I have trouble reading through whole series of books at one time. However after reading Shielder I couldn’t wait to get to Sabin and Moriahs story.

Moriah is a very beautiful women whose father was a shadower (a bounty hunter). A drunken neglectful father who gambled her and her sister Celie away when she was just 18 season old. She was given to Pax, another shadower who proceeded to rape and torture her.

Sabin is a shadower and a shielder (race of hunted people, usually hunted by shadowers) who has been trying to save his people by earning as money as he can and contributing it back to the cause.

Moriah and Sabin first run into each other after Moriah ship has been stolen and she is waiting in a seedy bar trying to figure out how to get off the planet. She decides to try to gamble with the last of her money to get enough money to get off the planet. She ends up tangling with two tenacled beings and Sabin steps in to help.

I liked this story a bit more than the first. Sabin and Moriah are both emotionally wounded and the byplay between the two really gave life to the story. The addition of secondary characters of Radd and Lionia were funny and really added to the tale.

I give this one an A also.

Breaking with tradition I am going to move on to the third in the series, Shamara, Jarek’s story. I hope it is as good as the previous two.

Not sure if I am going to trade this one right now. Maybe I will save up the series and trade together.

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