Shielder-Catherine Spangler

The Shielder is first of this series, but seems to chronologically take place after the next one the Shadower.

Nessa dan Ranul had severe medical problems as a child which has left her alone and an outcast. The Shielder way of life is harsh and basically they live by survival of the fitest. Nessa’s brother had helped keep her alive and sane since she was cast out of her society when she was only 12.

A virus has been spreading throughout the colony and Nessa decides to volunteer to be a live host for the virus so that she may try to win back the respect of her family.

Chase McKnight is a Shadower with an agenda and a secret. Shadowers are bounty hunters who are hired to track down criminals and Shielders.

When Nessa’s ship breaks in the path of Chase, he reluctantly picks her up. With the deadline aproaching for the virus to kick in Nessa is forced to try and get to her destination any way she can. She has to outsmart Chase and make it to the Shielder lab in time.

I really liked this story. I give it an A. Chase was the perfect alpha and Nessa was strong and smart enough to battle with him. What I really didn’t like was Nessa’s wish to have her clan accept her after she is able to save them. I would have told them all to take a flying leap….

The secondary charactors and pets completed the tell well.

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