Crime Tells – Calista’s Men -Jory Strong

From the Cover:

Crime Tells – Calista’s Men By Jory Strong
Book 3 in the Crime Tells series.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like with a woman we actually cared about? One who belonged just to us? One who wanted more from us than a good time… A woman we could have together or separately. One who saw us as individuals who came as a package deal? One who was waiting for us at the end of the day?”



“I like them easy and I like to share them with you. End of story, Benito.”

Getting involved with any woman, much less one who might ultimately drive a wedge between him and Benito, is the last thing Dante needs, especially now, when his life is already in turmoil. The wealthy, influential family of a murder suspect he killed in the line of duty is portraying him as a trigger-happy vigilante, putting his career and reputation on the line.

But as soon as he sees Calista Burke—and witnesses Benito’s identical reaction to her—he knows the stakes have just gotten higher and a lifetime of never risking his heart is about to be put to the test.

My opinion: Really hot. I would say that this book even sort-of kind-of included a story along with the hot sex. I read somewhere that having two loving men is a huge housewife’s fantasy. In addition to the two hot bodes, I think women also want love and devotion to go along with the packages. The sex scenes were good but towards the end seemed to fade to black…

Not a realistic read, but I doubt anyone is reading Ellora’s cave for mental enlightment.

I would like to trade this for a similar Ellora’s cave title.

Grade: B

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