Through A Crimson Veil

Third in the Crimson City series, this book focuses on the demon world. Mika is half demon and half human who has been asked by the demon counsel to find a important object from Conor McCabe. Conor is also half demon and half human and trusts no one.

Though I didn’t like this as much as the other two that I have read it was still a good entry. I have not read her before and will probably look for other novels by her. Mika was portrayed as a demon with a sense of humor and of course Conor was the opposite, brooding his mixed heritage, rejecting his inner demon and not trusting at all.

Cover art: I love when characters are pictured on the covers. It gives me a good idea of the characters look. I didn’t like this cover because Conor was described as half a foot taller than Mika with a very muscular build. On the cover art his looks short than Mika (notice she looks like she is crotching and still seems taller). He also doesn’t look very buff. I know he is behind her so her perspective should be different, but the artist didn’t get the look right. Hey at least they have their clothes on and aren’t running through the streets half nekkid.

Grade: B

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