Fire Me Up-Katie MacAlister

Having just finished You Slay Me, I knew I immediately wanted to read this second on the series.

A month has past since Aisling left Paris and Drake. Since she is so clearly inadequate as a guardian she has decided to attend a conference to find a mentor in the Guardian Trade. She travels to Budapest to attend an otherworld conference. Wouldn’t you know it that Drake just so happens to be in the same hotel conducting peace negotions between the four dragon septs.

In addition to attending the conference, Aisling is again serving as a courier by trying to deliver an amulet to a hermit. The amulet has mortal men and incubi throwing themselfs at her. (Wow wouldn’t that suck….)

As Aisling conducts a series of interviews with potential mentors, they start to die off and Aisling is becoming quite known at the local police station. The Otherworld is quickly distancing themselves from her also. What is a girl to do?

I enjoyed this as much as the first. The returning cast of characters of Jim, Rene, Drake, Pal, Istvan, and Gregory as well as the new characters Tiffany (a professional virgin who spouts shineshine and light), Nora (Potential guardian mentor) as well as the multide of naked incubi (who are tired of their professions) are really a fun read. Aisling’s incomptence adds so many interesting twists that the story doesn’t get boring.

I really like the fun theme she has going with the covers.

Grade: A-

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