The Trouble With Harry-Katie MacAlister

As I have recently started reading through the backlist of Katie MacAlister I picked this book not knowing the storie contents. I realized quickly that it is Regency.

Harry is a peer with 5 children who has decided he needs a wife to help him with the children. Plum is in the position that she needs to marry. She was thoroughly scandalized as a young woman and has been living in ruin. When Harry runs an ad for a wife, she hides her past and applies. Both carry deep secrets since Harry doesn’t admit that he has children, let alone the children from hell and he is also an ex spy. Plum has the ruin and is hiding another erotic secret that proves to be a real boon to the marriage.

If you are looking for a run and different regency this is it. The children add fun in that “Home Alone children x 5″ can bring.

I give this a B rating.

The cover totally through me off. My first thought was what the heck does a rubber duck have to do with a regency. Did they even invent plastic then? So I started the story only to have the author put in a foreward explaining that the duck is an “anachronism to relect the humorous, fun tone of this tale.” I have heard of equating a rubber chicken as “comedy” but not sure about the duck. Maybe the author bought one of one of these which fits in with the “erotic” portion of the book.

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