Killing Time-Linda Howard

Nikta Stover is an FBI agent sent to investigate a missing time capsule that was buried in 1985. Knox Davis is the lead investigator and home town boy in Peke County, Kentucky who suspects that Nikta is not who she says she is. These two become deeply involved in the case when Nikta is shot at during the investigation. Why is someone trying to kill her, why are participants in the capsule’s burial being killed?

Dream Man and Son of the Morning are two of my favorite Linda Howard paranormal stories and I had hoped that this one followed in its footsteps, but I don’t think it did. I enjoyed the story slightly but really didn’t feel much chemistry between Knox and Nikta. Many of the events in the story did not seem to tie together (or maybe I somehow missed the connections). I felt that Knox’s character did not have much depth, where Nikta was given more personality. I liked her.

The cover is pretty cool with a purplish cast with a man and women embrassing in what I am assuming is bed (or on their backs). The guy has a hot tatoo of a dragon on his shoulder which does not tie in to the story, nor did Knox’s character seem the type to get the tattoo. But I like the cover anyway.

I don’t really have a fun quote. But a memorable part was when Knox says something that hurts Nikta badly. To make up for it he tells her to punch him. She uses her considerable skills to knock him on his ass in front of his dad. All I could say is you go girl.

She sniffled and wiped her eyes with the heels of her palms, then said to Knox, “Are you going to get up, or just sit there all night?”

“Depends on whether or not you’re planning on hitting me again,” he replied. “If you are, I’ll just stay down here, thank you.”

“Don’t be such a large baby,” she snapped. “You’ve been pushing me around all day and I’ve been telling you and telling you–”

“That you’ve been letting me do it, yeah, I remember. And it’s ‘big baby,’ not ‘large baby.'” Warily he climbed to his feet, making certain he kept out of striking distance.

Overall Grade: C

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