Sex, Lies, and Online Dating-Rachel Gibson

I love a great comedic romance. Rachel Gibson never fails to deliver a a great one. Lucy is a murder mystery writer who is researching internet dating for her next book. Quinn is an undercover cop who is hunting for an internet dating, serial killing, woman.

Lucy and Quinn both meet up at a coffee shop when they run across each other online. Each has altered their profiles so that assume different jobs/lives. They lies and deception quickly come apart when the murderer strikes again and both Lucy and Quinn are involved in the investigation.

My fun quote from the book:

She bit the side of her lip. “You said ‘Mr Snookums'”

A slow grin turned up the corners of his lips. “I must be in love with you,” he said. “The name of your cat doesn’t shrivel my sac anymore”.

Her chest got all achy and she blinked away the suddent stinging in her eyes. “Well, I must be in love with you because hearing you talk about your shriveling sac doesn’t make me want to stab my ears.”

He chuckled. “I guess that didn’t sound very romantic.”

She shook her head, and her eyes filled with tears. “No. You probably won’t find it on a Hallmark card”.

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