After Midnight-Teresa Medeiros

Teresa Medeiros has been a new favorite for me. I was eagerly awaiting this new book because I love paranormal vampire stories. I am slightly disappointed in this story. Caroline Cabot has been sacrificing many things in her life for her two younger sisters that she has been caring for. Their parents died when Caroline was getting ready to “come out” and she has had to put that aside. Vivienne the middle sister has been sent to the ton to find a suitable match so that the Cabot sisters will not be thrown out of their estate by their loathsome cousin Cecil. When Vivienne writes home that she is about to make a match with a rich eligible gentleman, Adrian Kane, their younger sister (Portia) is convinced that he is a vampire based on all the gossip of the ton. Caroline and Portia set out to prove that he is not a vampire and get much more than they bargined for when they encover the truth and deceptions of the Kane brothers.

Throughout the story I just cant put my finger on why I didn’t feel any chemistry between Adrian and Caroline.

CoverArt: I rank the cover as B.

Fun quote:

Lost in a daze of delight, she felt the scrape of his teeth an instant before he gave the tender flesh a sharp nip.

“OW!” Her eyes flew open. Clapping a hand to her stinging throat, she glared up at him in wide-eyed indignation. “You bit me!”

He glared right back at her, his eyes glittering like exotic gemstones in the candlelight. “And why not? That’s what you expected me to do, isn’t it?” He held up the stake he had pilfered from the pocket of her skirt while she had been drifting mindlessly on a sea of pleasure. “If not you wouldn’t have brought this to my bed.”

Overall Ranking: C

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