mOuTh to moUth-Erin McCarthy

Lauren Wilkens is a wholesome blind girl and has decided to break out of her “good girl” shell. She meets a man online and decides it is time to have an affair. What she doesn’t know is the man who is supposed to meet her is a con artist who has assumed a alias from a list of cop names and wants to scam her. Russ Evans is a cop investigating Trevor Dean the con who scams plain women out of their money. This time Trevor has gone too far and in a twist of weirdness has taken the alias of Russ Evans.

I have read a few Erin McCarthy books and like her whit and will continue to pick up her novels. The chemistry between Laurel and Russ was believable. The secondary charaters Sean (Russ’s 12 year old pain foul mouthed brother), Catherine (Laurel’s tattooed and max pierced co worker) and Jerry (Russ’s wiseass partner) add lots of fun.

CoverArt: I rank the cover as a C. It was ok and different. Not a fav.

Between the Sheets: The sex was really hot. Probably more sex than storyline.

Fun quote:

what did she know about sex? Obviously as much as might fit on the top of that little yellow candy dot he was ripping off the paper.

Russ stick the candy button to the tip if her nipple.

Hello. Laurel jerked in surprise. “What are you doing?”

“Playing with the best pare of tits I’ve ever seen”.

Carry on then. She arched her back, tried not to think how bizarre she must look, and decided not to ask any more stupid questions.

Overall Ranking: B

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