Carpe Demon-Julie Kenner

Kate Conner is a typical soccer mom, with two kids – 14 year old Alison and 2 year old Timmy. She is married to second husband and living in surburbia. She is the perfect helpmate for her second husband, Stuart, who has political aspirations. She can whip up a dinner party for 8 with very little notice and manages to get all her errands run during her days and still run the car pool. Oh yeah and she is also a ex demon hunter that retired after the marriage to her first husband (also a hunter) and the birth of their daughter.

I found this book very funny and enjoyable. I am already awaiting the next in the series (not due till June 2006). Kate is not really a perfect mom/wife and has some struggles when she is pulled back into hunting for a persistant demon who is in town looking for an ancient relic. Her family does not know about her past. That makes for lots of fun watching her hiding dead demons from her family and trying to figure out how to test and kill any demons showing up her husbands party. Someone very close to her may be out to get her, who could it be?….

CoverArt: I rank the cover as B.

Fun quote:

The alarm clock chirped promptly at six o’clock. I rolled over, mutter rude things about its parentage, and slapped the snooze button. There. Guess I told it.

Beside me, Stuart muttered something that sounded like “jump through the hobbits,” which I mentally translated as “just a few more minutes.” I muttered an agreement, tugged the covers under my chin, and spooned against him. Nanoseconds later the alarm chirped again. (The digital readout assumed me that seven full minutes had elapsed. I was not convinced.

Overall Ranking: A

I am going to hold onto this one for a while.

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