Spell of the Highlander-Karen Marie Moning

I am not sure why but I find this one of the hotest covers ever. I love celtic symbols so it must be that (yeah right).

Cian MacKeltar was trapped inside a mirror for over 1000 years. Revenge was the only thing that keep him sane. When a series of events triggers the theft of Cian’s mirror he finds an alley in Jessi St. James. Jessi is a 24 year old archaeology student who gets stuck in the of the struggle for the mirror.

I have read and enjoyed all of Moning’s Highlander series and this one was not exception. I did find the sex scenes really hot but frankly found myself leafing quickly through them. Cian is described as really hot and enjoys woman thoroughly (as do all the heros in Moning’s series). Cian is an extremely powerful druid who has learned and experimented with black magic.

Drustin, Dageus, Chloe, and Gwen play a role in this story too. I would not call this my favorite in the series but it worth the time……

Will be going to the next person on the list at paperbackswap.com

One thought on “Spell of the Highlander-Karen Marie Moning”

  1. I loved this book–but you are right my favorite in this series was Kiss of the Highlander, not this one.

    Still a very good book.

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