Hot Target-Suzanne Brockmann

Another great SEAL/Trouble Shooters series book by Brockmann. I find that once I pick one up I have to read almost straight through. Who needs to work anyway?

Chief Cosmo Richter is on leave from the SEAL team to take care of his mother after she has an accident. Not being one to enjoy idle time, he takes on a “cake” job for Troubleshooters. Movie producer Jane Mercedes Chadwick has received a death threat and her production company has taken it seriously and hired security for her.

Cosmo is large, scary and has reportly “weird” colored (light/blue gray) eyes. He is very reserved and a man of very few words. Jane is a driven talkative movie producers who adobts a partygirl image to further her career.

As in most Brockmann novels there are three stories at one. The past story of war vetern Hal and Jack, the potential triangle of Jules Cassidy, his ex lover Adam and the very conflicted brother of Jane, Robin. Robin is referred to as “so in the closet, even he doesn’t know he is gay”.

I enjoyed this quick moving story but it is not one of my favorites. I did not get into the Hal/Jack story at all and I was not really impressed with the Cosmo and Jane story either. They just kind of met up and went to bed, had a misunderstanding type relationship with lots of danger through into the mix. The Robin/Jules/Adam was interesting but not really a “love” relationship either. Don’t get me wrong this was still a great book. I love Brockmann and will read everything she ever writes.

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