Secrets of a Summer Night-Lisa Kleypas

One of my absolute top favs was written by Lisa Kleypas. Ever since reading Dreaming of You I have picked up everything she has written. None have topped Dreaming yet, but many are close.

Unfortuntely for me, Secrets of a Summer Night was not a keeper for me. I found the story sort of boring. To be fair, historicals are my least favorite category of romance so it takes a lot to impress me.

Annabelle is a noblewomen whose family has run out of money and time. She needs to marry to save her family. Unfortunately it seems that most noblemen need to marry for money also so she is left to sit on the sidelines as a wallflower. She has gotten lots of offers to become a well kept mistress, but so far as been able to rebuff these advances.

Simon Hunt comes from a middle class working family and has been able to amass a fortune. He is not really looking to marry or find a noble match, but he has been attracted to Annabelle for many years. He is just waiting till she has to become a mistress so that he can claim her.

Due to Annabelle’s wallflower status at balls, she has befriended three other girls who have made a pact to help each other find husbands. When their plans seem to be working an Annabelle is about to receive an legitimate offer of marriage, Simon steps forward and takes her as a wife.

At the end, there is a unrelated tradegy that brings them close and reveals their love for each other.

I loved the cover artwork.

This will be available for trade….

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