It Happened One Autumn-Lisa Kleypas

Having just finished Secrets of Summer Night, I moved on to the next of the wallflower series. I liked this one much better than the previous one.

Lillian Bowman is an american heiress whose family has brought her and her sister Daisy to England to find a noble husband. Unfortuntely Lillian flaunts all “rules” of the ton and is not considered as a good catch. Lillian has teamed up with the wallflowers to find a husband.

Marcus Westcliff has been brought up in a strict home and has strived for perfection all his life. He is appalled at Lillian’s antics and despises her effort in helping Annabelle land a husband. Again and again he finds himself in situations sparring with Lillian. She sparks his temper like no other woman. At the same time she attracts him, which further frustrates him.

The sparring and antics between these two were fun and worth reading. I am looking forward to the next installment when Evie and Sebastion pair up. I have really enjoyed stories where the Villian gets a chance to redeem himself.

Another great cover.

Up for trade, but I belive there is a waiting list at so it will go quickly to the next in line.

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