Undead and Unemployed-Mary Janice Davidson

I have been very busy so I have not listed the last few books I have read. Time to catch up.

I just finished Undead and Unemployed. Having enjoyed Undead and Unwed I was looking forward to this one. I am slightly disappointed. The storyline and Betsy’s quips are very funny, but after awhile you come to realize that Betsy is truly the “dumb” smart assed blonde. I guess that is the appeal for the story but it I think it gets old and wonder how long this can carry out into a series. I sure it could go on and on, but I don’t know how long it would keep my attention. Unlike other vampire series where I can’t wait to get to the next book, I can holdout till I find the next book at a UBS or on paperback swap.

I won’t go into the storyline because it really didn’t have much of one. Many of the existing characters are back such as Sinclair, Jessica, Marc and Tina.

If you want a quick funny read this probably fits the bill.

The waiting list at paperbackswap.com is long for this one, so it is going to the next in line.

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