Match Me If You Can-Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I have absolutely loved all of the Susan Elizabeth Phillips books and this is no exception. Annabelle has just inherited her quirky grandmothers matchmaking business. She decides she needs to land a large client to springboard her business. Annabelle turns toward her college friend Molly Tucker (This Heart of Mine) to get an introduction to Heath Champion, a cut throat sports agent and very eligible batchelor. If she can find him a match her business will be set.

If you have read “Heaven, Texas” you will find the stories very simliar. Plain girls meets the arrogant gods gift to women. Gods gift tries to get rid of plain girl. Plain girl persists because it is her last chance at her career. Gods gift eventually finds plain girl indespensible. Plain girl falls in love and decides to get away from gods gift so she doesn’t get too hurt. Gods gift finally realizes he loves her. — Another SEP happy ending……

My simple description does not nearly give justice to the story. I loved it and Heaven Texas and highly recommend it.

This is a library book that needs to go back….. Will have to find my own copy for my personal collection….

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