In the Prince’s Bed-Sabrina Jeffries

The first book of the Royal Brotherhood Series. Alec is the bastard son of the Prince of Wales and needs to find an heiress to pay off his debts. Katherine Merivale needs to get married to have access to her trust.

In this book Alec brings his brothers together (then don’t know about each other) and proposes an alliance. Alec needs to marry an heiress so Gaven provides a tip on how to court and Draker provides some funding so he can court the heiress.

Katherine is content with her current beau, Lovelace but she can’t get him to commit to marriage. Of course his is a total mama’s boy and his sexual inclination seems to be in other directions. Alec turns on the charm and wins over Katherine, but hides that fact that he is poor and only wants her money. When she finds out the truth both parties are badly heartbroken, but as with all romances they come around.

This was an ok story. I would give it 3 stars only because it was a bit boring. Regencies are not a fav of mine so that probably factors in. I consider the sexual content as Warm and slightly flowery. The references to the “Rakes Rhetorick” are fun.

Will be making this available for trade here and

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