A Stroke of Midnight-Laurell-K-Hamilton

Having enjoyed (somewhat less each time) the Merry Gentry series I was thrilled when I reserved this book at my local library and within 3 days it was in. I should have known that perhaps it was in because it really was not that good. I am pretty disappointed in this one.

I read the reviews summarizing that the books is all sex and basically no plot. What plot? is right. A double homicide that basically falls flat in the end, almost to the point that the conclusion was forgotten and thrown in the last page at the final edit. Oops we forgot about the murders, better throw in a one paragraph mention.

As for the nonstop sex, I would not go that far. It was really nothing new or even exciting and really there was far more whining than anything else. There was lots of random magic thrown into every scene and the addition of new guards, some of the them woman. Maybe Hamilton is trying to gauge the reaction to see if she should add some chick on chick action in her next book. — All I can say is please don’t……

There was just too much disjointed info in the book. I will probably read the next one if only to see if Merry will ever make it to the Seelie Court and/or get pregnant before there are too many characters and way too much magic to even follow the story. I mix up the names of the my two kids sometimes so Merry’s men/woman are turning into a blur for me.

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  1. The only reason for the weomen being added to her guard is because they don’t want to belong to Cel. I wouldn’t want to belong to that twisted freak either. Those were her Father’s guard. I think it is more of a sign of the desparation in the plots.

    I would also like to add that your rating on burning Mistral’s kiss was very far fetched. I paid that 20 plus to get my copy and I tell you the scene with Mistral was well worth it. OMFG. I want a herem too. Besides don’t you think that if you don’t like all the sex that you should pick a series that isn’t based on (Have a Baby or Die). What kind of options are those. What would you do if queen Andais was your aunt and Cel was the freak out for your blood. Well let me see, I think I just might try to have a baby. Much better option than death with the shmorgageboard of men she has to choose from. Enjoy the stories, don’t be so archaic and crushial.

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