Mind Game-Christine Feehan

The second on Feehan’s “Ghostwalker” series. Nicolas Trevane was presented in the first GhostWalker series as a deadly and quiet warrior. Dahlia Le Blanc was one of the children who had been “enhanced” with powers and experiemented on by Dr. Whitney. She was portrayed as extreme dangerous because she can manipulate energy and gravity.

Lily Whitney has sent Nicolas out to find Dahlia and help her cope with her gifts. She has always thought she was alone in the world and has lived most of her life in solitude. With the exception of the “special work” she does for a splinter group of government, she is unable to function in public because of her dangerous reactions.

I enjoyed this special ops parts of this book but I became annoyed by the extremely primitive (caveman) type treatment from Nicolas. Dahilia was supposted to be some very dangeous capable thief but once Nicolas was with her, he coddled and would not let her use her skills. Dahlia’s character was pretty whimpy. I guess I like a stronger female.

This is a bookcrossing book that I will mark as available along with paperbackswap.com

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