Eleven on Top -Janet Evanovich

The 11th in the Stephanie Plum series.

I have to say I liked this one more than the past two. Lots of laugh out load continuous action. Stephanie continues to lead her men around by their noses (and other private parts). As usual she looses vehicles, gets knocked around, eats plenty of junk food and basically proceeds to the be in the wrong place at the wrong time even though she has given up on working as a bond enforcement agent. To sum it up:

Stephanie quits her job as a bond enforcement agent and decides to look for a new stable job, gains job #1 and promptly loses it, helps Lula (who has taken Stephanies job) track down an FTA — gets shot at, loses a car to shooting and then a fire, gets a second job and promptly loses when the owner is blown up in Stephanies shoot up, fire damaged car, gets a third job and promply loses it when the building is burned down. All the while she is being stalked (hence the bombings). Oh and last but not least she loses her cello in yet another bombing and she was so hoping to play it for Valeries wedding, takes care of Morelli when he is run over by a car, and turns into a nyphomanic when she tries to cut out sugar snacks. Gotta love her, but she does finally manage to keep a job for a few days — however working for this particular man is a major temptation of epic proportions……

This is a library loan so sorry it is not available for trade……

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