Return of the Warrior-Kinley MacGregor

2nd in the Brotherhood of the Sword series, this story is about Christian of Acre. Christian has been given the nickname of Abbott due to his childhood background. He was left with monks by his parents when he was young.

Adara is the queen of her kingdom, Tagaria. At a very early age she was given in marriage to the Elgederion prince-regent whom was a boy himself. After the prince’s parents were killed many years later, the prince himself was rumored to be dead. Ardara does not believe this and decides to find her wayward husband (who doesn’t know he is married) and drag him back home by the hair to resume his role of King. (Can you guess by now that Christian is that prince?)

Besides Christian’s relectance to leave his work with the brotherhood, and his desire to never love anyone, there are evil forces are out to insure that Christian does not take his place as king (ain’t that a bitch). Aradara finds a way to get to his heart and he manages to dodge the various assisination attempts coming their way. Secondary character Phantom is also back. He hides a tortured soul as well as his hidden connection to Christian. I can’t wait for his story.

I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5. Will make available for trade.

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