Passionate Realities-Nicole Austin

Having read and loved the book Menage from Emma Holly I run across a review for this ebook and thought they might be similar.

Never having purchased or read an e-book I was a e-book virgin. I purchased this as a pdf file and printed it out. I spend so much freaking time on the computer, I didn’t want to spend my wind down time in front of it too. I really think I prefer real books even though I am a electronic junkie…..

On to the story. All I can is HHHHOOOOTTTT. Widow Cassandra has secretly been in love with her brother in law Aiden for many years but her long abstaince from physical contact and sex (without a partner) has her ready to explode. She has always been sexually repressed but Aiden inspires her.

Aiden has always been attracted to Cassandra but he enjoys “darker sex” and does not want to scare her away.

In this story love and caring have come first. When Cassandra and Aiden do finally get together the fireworks fly. Lots of erotic hot graphic sex as Cassandra explores within the safety of a loving partner. But that is not the end of our tale…. Along comes Aiden’s best friend, Travis who has shared most of Aiden’s life. When Cassandra is given the task to spice up her romantic novels (did I forgot to mention she is a writer) she wonders what it would be like to experience a common “housewives” fantasy — a threesome. Cassandra gets her wish and so so much more. All three parties are suprised at the depth their relationship takes.

I am not sure why this type story appeals to me but I am a sucker for love along with sex. There is some Male/Male action here so be forewarned. I find myself wondering how great it would be to have two hunky guys who want nothing more than to please and thoughly love me. Wow the sexual positions could be numerous. But then you would have to fight about leaving the toliet seat up x 2…. I think one is probably enough……

2 thoughts on “Passionate Realities-Nicole Austin”

  1. Angie,

    Thanks so much for your wonderful review of my first book. I was thrilled to run across it. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story that has launched what has become an incredible journey for me. The book just became available in print last week through my publishers ebay site, and is set to be in major books stores next month. And my second book, Savannah’s Vision, just went live as an ebook.

    Thanks again!

    Nicole Austin

  2. Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. I will watch for the hard copy of Passionate Realities for my personal collection and will add Savannah’s Vision to my wish list. I also enjoy westerns and the description sounds interestingl.

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