Dangerous-Amanda Quick

I have a few big to be read piles and decided to pick a book from my upstairs pile. Many of the books up there I have had around for a while and this was one of them.

Prudence Merryweather is a country-raised girl who has been brought to town for the season. She has a fondness for “ghost” hunting and is now know as “The Original”. (You know the type from high school, the bookish girl with the totally mismatched clothing).

Sebastian (the Earl of Angelstone) is your typical historial “Devil”. He is hard and cold and does not care about others. The interesting thing in this novel, is that is I really believe he doesn’t want or intend to be the good guy. He however has fallen in love with Prudence who constantly tells him he is good and a responsible person. Not wanting to get in fight with her, he strives to please her and basically does what she says. He even refers to himself as whipped.

Murder and mayhham added in with Prudence’s ghost hunting and Sebastion’s investigations bring a somewhat predictable plotline into the story.

I loved Prudences’ ability to stand up to Angelstone. This was a great read. I guess I am going to have to pick up one of the other Quick’s I have on my shelf….

Going up for trade.

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