Skintight-Susan Anderson

Andersen is a favorite of mine so I couldn’t wait to read this newest novel. The cover in my opinion is really ugly, but the story was ok.

Jackson Gallagher McCall, aka Jax Gallagher — tournament poker pro, in a drunken pity fest gambles away a family heirloom autographed baseball to an Elvis impersonating Russian Mafioso — say that fast three times. He soon discovers that the ball was not left to him in his fathers will but actually left to his step mom Treena McCall a 35 year old Las Vegas showgirl with polish roots from Pennsylvania

Assuming the Treena was a gold digging slut who married old men for their money, Jax sets out to seduce Treena and steal the ball back. Oh but of course in romance land, nothing is at it seems. Jax falls in love with her. Being your typical grown up man who still thinks like the insecure geek childhood prodigy he used to be, he doesn’t tell her the truth. Treena discovers who he is and kicks the man to the curb with his precious ball in hand (the heirloom one in case you were wondering).

Will Jax win the big poker tourney after losing Treena? Will he get to keep his body parts intact inspite of the Elvis interpreter? Will Treena ever forgive him? Will Treena recover enough to be able to pass her annual dance audition? — Well this is a romance novel. :>)

The secondary characters rounded out the book with aging neighbor library Ellen and aging maintance man Mack who do nothing but throw barbs at each other, though they are secretly wanting to rip off each others cloths. Then there is Treena’s best friend, fellow dancer and extreme pet lover Carly whom is believe is being setup to feature in her own book with new hated neighbor and security expert Wolfgang Jones. — That one should be fun too.

Not sure what I want to read next. My MT. TBR pile is ready to topple. I bet the mail man was glad he didn’t have any books to deliver today.

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