Lord of Fire-Gaelen Foley

Having read Lord of Ice a few months ago, I was glad to read Lucien’s story. Foley’s writing has now made her one of my favorite historical authors. Having become bored with typical historicals this one is uniquely different.

Alice Montague has left her home to bring back her slut of a sister-in-law, Caro. Caro has left town leaving Alice to take care of her nephew whom is now sick with the chicken pox. Caro is now the mistress of Lord Lucifer (Lucien) Knight. While looking for Caro, Alice arrives in the “Grotto” where a massive orgy is taking place. Lucien is in the guise of “Draco” and shows up in the middle of the orgy with young new initates crawling all over him. What a different way to start a story.

Everything is not as it seems as Lucien immediately falls for the innocence of Alice and hatches a plan to trap her at his estate. Alice is not some doormat and proceeds to show Lucien he is try worthy of love.

This book kept me reading late into the night. Not your typical lord/lady story.

Next is the story of Lucien and Damiens yougest sister Jacinda.

This book is no longer available.

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