Lady of Desire-Gaelen Foley

Having just finished Luciens story I immediately picked up Jacinda’s story. I am so glad I found this author. I love series but usually get bored and try to spread them out some. Not the case with series on the “Knight” family.

Jacinda Knight, youngest sister with five overbearing brothers is tired of being ruled by her brothers. She is also trying to live down her legacy of being the only daugher of the Hawkscliffe Harlot. Jacinda mother was shunned by polite society since she gave birth to six children to four different fathers. The Ton is just waiting for Jacinda to be the harlot that her mother was and is tired of the whispers and also fears her own wanton feelings. She decides to flee town and go to France. In route she is robbed and flees into an alley where she is forced to hide in a garbage heap. She witnesses a huge gang fight with the area’s rival gangs. Still hiding she is found by the gang leader “Billy Blade”, whom she had meet previously at her brothers home.

Not knowing who she is Billy proceeds to fall for her. After he discovers who she is he promptly returns her to her brothers (mostly untouched).

Billy is also not who he appears to be and circumstances cause him to leave the underworld and move back into the ton. He crosses Jacinda’s path and decides to marry her. Jacinda has not forgiven him for bring her back home and makes his persuit nearly impossible.

I also rate this very high and cannot wait to get the other books in the series. Gaelen Foley is definately a new fave for me.

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