Sin and Sensibility-Suzanne Enoch

I was in the mood for a historical romance so I pulled this out of my to be read pile.

Lady Eleanor Griffin has three overprotective brothers who have tightened the reigns on what she can and cannot do. In an attempt to have some fun before settling down and marrying any boring man that her brothers pick, she enlists the aid of a family friend and notourious rake Valentine Corbett. Little does she know that her brothers have already brought Valentine into the fold to spy for them and keep her out of trouble. That trouble includes a fortune seeking lord who is trying to trap Eleanor into marriage as well as naked swimming at night in a public park….

I like the character of Valentine Corbett. He is a jaded soul with a childhood that exposed him to the worst of fortune seeking women. He has never really known or expected love from a woman and is truly baffled at his feelings towards Eleanor.

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