Total Rush-Deirdre Martin

Having totally enjoyed Martin’s previous books Fair Play and Body Check I couldn’t wait to read Gemma’s story. I regret to say that I didn’t like it as much as the other two.

Gemma is living in Theresa’s (Body Check) apartment in New York. Sean Kennealy is her upstairs neighbor who becomes annoyed with her burning incense. Sean is a fireman and shows up at Gemma’s door in fireman gear claiming that a call was made about a fire.

Gemma meets up with Sean again at a hockey game and finds out about the deception. She forgives them and then quickly start dating. Their totally different lives and personalities immediately clash and the remainer the book is a series of misunderstandings.

I didn’t think there was much chemistry written between these two characters and thought Sean was being a jerk most of the time. He did come around in the end. I guess I was looking for more humor between such equally mismatched people.

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