He Loves Lucy-Susan Donovan

Susan Donovan, He Loves Lucy, Susan Donovan

I received this book in the mail yesterday and finished it by today. I love light hearted romantic comedies. If you have not read Susan Donovan you should run right out and find one of her books. I have read them all so far.

Smart and funny ad executive, Lucy Cunningham finds herself in a contest to lose 100 lbs in a year. She immediately falls for (literally) her hunky trainer, Theo Redmond, whom she describes as Malibu Ken. As a college student, Lucy was involved in a very humiliating experience and has padded her heart and her booty ever since. Theo’s life has also brought him heartache and major responsibilities so he too has shielded his heart. He grows to admire and love Lucy’s determination and personality.

As someone who really needs to lose weight (not quite 100 lbs) I can relate to Lucy’s emotional need to eat and I also share her adversion to exercise. There were quite a few laugh out loud moments. My favorite was her following journal entry

Light mayonnaise is like masturbation–it approximates the real thing but leaves you unfulfilled, ultimately leading to fantasies about diving face-first into a big-ass jar of the real stuff.

Time to go start my food journal for the day.

This book is no longer available.

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