The Lady’s Tutor-Robin Schone

Having read a few Robin Schones books, I decided to pull this one out of my to be read pile. I am really glad I did. I have loved every Schone book so far.

After sixteen years of a sexless marriage, Elizabeth Petre decides to seek out Ramiel Devington to teach her how to seduce her husband who she suspect has a mistress. Ramiel is half Arab and half English and is reported to know much about eastern pleasures. After blackmailing him, he is intriqued and agrees to tutor her.

Elizabeth has no desire to commit adultery and Ramiel only wants to shake Elizabeth up a bit, but in a very short time Elizabeth finds her entire life shattering around her as nothing in her life was what it seemed. Elizabeth is forced to turn to Ramiel for help. Ramiel has his own demons to fight also but cannot fight the forbidden passion they offer each other.

This book is super hot and erotic. No way can this be lumped in with your ordinary historical romance. Schone brings a very unique perspective about the Victoria era. Her thorough research and quotes from the famed “The Perfumed Garden” bring intensity and eroticism not normally found in typical romances.

I give this 5 stars. Too bad this is a bookcrossing book, or else I would put it on my keep shelf. If I see a copy in a used book store, I will snap it up.

You must also visit Robin Schone’s website and check out her message board pics of Ramiel. Wish I would have seen this before I read the book. Wow…

This book is no longer available.

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