The Nerd Who Loved Me – Vicki Lewis Thompson

I was in the mood for some comedy so I pulled this out of my ever increasing to be read pile. I was not disappointed, but did not find it too funny either. This would be a nice summer beach book.

Lainie is a single mom who is also a Las Vegas Showgirl. Harry is the boring accountant at the casino Lainie works at and finds himself smitten. It turns out that Harry’s mother is a retired showgirl and has decided that he wanted to find a nice normal wife. — Your standard romance book conflict.

Lainies son Dexter is a genius adorable 4 year old whose father was a spoiled rotten rich kid. Lainie had left Dexter’s father Joey years before because of his drinking and lack of desire to be a father. Now due to a possible inheritance, Joey needs Dexter to get into his families good graces.

Harry and his Mom, Rona along with several other retired showgirls and Rona’s long time boyfriend, Leo help show Lainie what having a real family and love are all about by protecting her and Dexter from Joey.

Will be making this available for trade here and

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