Honest Illusions, Nora Roberts

I have not read a Nora Roberts book in a few years. I got tired of the cookie cutter predictible stores that have been published recently so I gave her up entirely. While participating in a message forum recently I read about others who had the same opinion as me but many of the people talked about their favorite Roberts book, Honest Illusions. I had this book in my to be read pile so I figured I would try it out for the heck of it.

I really did like this story. Roxy Nouvelle was raised by her father who was an accomplished magician and thief. Rosy’s father Max also took in Luke Callahan when he witnessed the young boy picking pockets to survive. Luke had run away from an abusive situation and soon joined in with Max, Lily (Max’s girlfriend), and Roxie to travel the country and learn magic. Fast forward a few years later when Roxy becomes a young woman and decides that she loves Luke — and always did love him. Luke had resisted his attraction to her but being the very strong woman she was, he could not resist. Max, Luke and Roxy continue to be professional theives but run into trouble when a boy from their past decides to make trouble for the family. There is lots of heartbreak and action here.

I enjoyed this story because it is fun to read about the planning and execution of their plans to rob various locations. It sort of reminded me a 80’s/90’s version of Ocean’s Twelve, where loveable characters all pitch in an plan hi tech (or what was hi tech in the early 90’s when this was written) heists.

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