The Blue Viking, Sandra Hill

Who would have known that the word “manpart” could be use so frequently and still be hilarious?

The is the fifth in a series of Viking Books by Sandra Hill and probably my favorite so far. I laughed out loud frequently at the antics of the main and secondary characters. A younger Rurik the Viking seduced Maire, a scottish, inept witch and unknown to him broke her heart. She may have had a broken heart and other troubles after the fling, but she left him marked with a jagged blue tatoo down the middle of his face (accidently of course).

For five years Rurik has been looking for Maire so that he could get the mark removed. He finally catches up with her while she has gotten herself into a bind. Bolther the scald is back with his really bad sagas. Don’t miss – Rurik the Vain, The Viking Who Lost His Knack, Rurik the Blind Viding, Rurik the Scots Viking, Sex and the Single Viking, Vikings Who Name Their cocks, The Blue-Balled Viking.

This is a very funny story that I rate as 5 stars.

This book is no longer available.

What am I reading next? I Thirst For You, Susan Sizemore

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