To Tame A Wolf, Susan Krinard

I just finished up with To Tame A Wolf, by Susan Krinard. Having enjoyed the previous book in this series, Once A Wolf, I was happy to get started with this one.

Sim Kavanagh was the bad/tortured half brother to the “bad guy” in Once a Wolf. From the previous story Sim starts out as the complete bad guy but meets up with the young Esperanza, who is able to see into the hearts of others. No matter how badly he treats Esperanza she is convinced that he is not evil. In the end of Once a Wolf, Sim does the right thing and then moves off into his own story here.

To Tame a Wolf picks up with Sim trying to redeem himself and earn money so that he can ask Esperanza to marry him. He feels Esperanza is his only salvation.

Sims quest brings him to the farm of Tally Bernard and her brother Andre. Sim is searching for Andre to recover a map leading to a treasure. Sim offers to help Tally find Andre since he is a skilled tracker due to “Wolf” abilities.

There are a few twists and turns that bring Tally together and then break them apart again for you see Tally was a former “whore” forced into it to survive. Sim’s mother was a whore and he has never been able to trust or tolerate women.

Overall I give this 4 stars.

What I am reading next? — The Blue Viking by Sandra Hill.

This book is no longer available.

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