To Die For – Linda Howard

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I picked To Die for by Linda Howard to read next. She is one of my absolute favorite authors so I was looking forward to reading this newer story. I have to say I was highly disappointed and did not even finish it. Nor did i care to peek in the back and see who is trying to kill Blair.

Blair Mallory is a young beautiful ex cheerleader who is living on her own and running a fitness center. I read through about 2/3 of the book and got tired of her constant primping and vanity.

Wyatt Bloodsworth is an overbearing “alpha male” that enforces his will when ever it strike him. Normally I like the “alpha male” but again this one was boring.

This has to be the only Howard book that I have not liked so far.

Blair spents most of the time saying she does want to sleep with Wyatt. Wyatt simply touches her neck and she immediately goes to bed with him. Only to start over again saying that she is never going to sleep with him. He simply touches her neck and they are in bed again. Only to start over — Ok you get the main theme of the book so far. Someone is also trying to kill Blair throughout the no/yes/no/yes bed hopping, but Blair does comment frequently that her nails have stayed in good shape……

What am I reading next? — To Tame and Wolf by Susan Krinard….

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