Sins of the Night-Sherrilyn Kenyon

This series of Dark-Hunter books are the only books that I will immediately buy when they come out. Most other books I am patient enough to find at a used book store or trade. I have loved this series so far and all the books have been a keeper for me. This one is no exception, however I admit it is probably not going to be one of my favorites in the series.

Eighth in a series, Sins of the Night is about a female Dark-Hunter named Dangereuse (Danger) St. Richard and Alexion, Acheron’s right hand man. I would call him an inforcer of sorts. It appears that every few centuries an uprising starts among the Dark-Hunters and some of them turn on Acheron. Acheron’s extreme secrecy about who and what he is and what he is capable of causes suspicion and unrest and some of the Dark-Hunters appear to rally against humanity and Acheron’s rules. When this happens Alexion is sent in to try and break up the uprising and calm things down. Those Dark-Hunters who fail to see reason are terminated by Alexion.

Alexion is sent down to Danger to help her and her friends from turning in the latest uprising. Alexion for the past nine thousand years has had very limited human contact and does not normally have any emotions, but meeting Danger has brought about a mixture of emotions and feelings that he never thought to have again. Danger has been betrayed in her past (aren’t they all though) and does not trust easily.

It was interesting “watching” these two tortured beings become close against the different obstacles they face while trying to save her friends. Kenyon is very good at making you feel the torment and at some point in all her books I just want to cry at the loneliness and need her characters portray.

Zarek is still my favorite character so far and I look forward to meeting all the others as well.

One really stupid pet peeve about this book is the cover. The front cover art appears to be “painted” on and it scratches off very easily. My brand new book all ready looks crappy.

What I am reading next: I am not sure what is next. It is a toss up between Linda Howards – To Die For; Susan Sizemore’s – I Thirst for You; or Julie Garwood’s – Mercy. Who knows what I will pick up when I make my way to bed.

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