The Good, The Bad, and the Undead, Harrison

Kim Harrison, A Fistful of Charms

I just finished Kim Harrison’s – The Good, the Bad and the Undead. Following Dead Witch Walking, this is the second of the series.

I have read Dead Witch Walking some time last year and unfortunately I don’t remember too much about it, but it is in my personal collection and will re-read it again. Sadly, this book is on loan to my via a Book Ring, so I have to give it up and send to the next person on the ring. I will add this to my wishlist so that I can someday get my own copy.

I would rank this book as 5 stars based on the non stop action and the great deplictions of pixies, witches, demons, fairies and vamps. I find myself wanting to read up on past folk lore to learn more about these mythical beings. Fantasy/paranormal is becoming my favorite genre and Kim Harrison does not fail to entertain. I almost want to say this series is along the line of Laurell Hamilton Anita Blake series without the extremely long and drawn out sex scenes that her series is turning into. More like Hamiltons’ earlier works prior to her need to constantly thrown in lots and lots of sex. Not that I don’t thoroughly enjoy the Blake series, it is also on my keeper shelf too.

The book cover describes Rachel Morgan as a sexy, independent bouty hunter, but I think she acts more as a private investigator in this setting.

The story starts out with Rachel trying to “recover” a stolen fish from a local were pack and the action doesn’t stop till the end with a face off with her enemies (and those who may not really be her enemy). Rachel has been asked by the FIB (Federal Interland Bureau) to help them track down a killer who has been targeting and mutulating “ley line” witches. Rachel is asked to attend a local university to study up on ley line magic and investigate the instructor who has some connections with the murdered witches.

Trent is back in this story as many murder leads are traced back to him. Rachel has not gotten over her obsession at taking down Trent, and this is where the story really begins. Trent sounds so sexy and I am glad to see him back to torment and shake her up. Weave in Rachel’s friendship with her partner Ivy – a living vamp who is fighting her nature and has found herself tempted by her relationship and proximity with Rachel and you have non stop action.

Back again are Jenks, Rachel’s resident pixie and family, Nick – Rachels sort of boyfriend, Detective Edden from the FIB, Kisten a gorgeous living vamp, Jonathan and Quen – Trent’s assistants and protectors and my personal favorite – Algaliarept – Rachel’s and Nick’s own personal demon. New to this series is Detective Glenn an FIB agent.

What am I reading next? — I have picked up a brand new copy of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s new book, Sins of the Night. Without reading it I know this will earn a spot on my keeper shelf along with her other “Dark-Hunter” Novels. I am almost afraid to start reading it this late at night. I really need to be up early for work tomorrow……….

Happy reading.

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